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OTBH (3/4 HP) OTH (1/2 HP)


Heavy-Duty Commercial Trolley Operator with Solenoid Brake
Cycles: 25 cycles/hour, 80 cycles/day
Ideal for: Industrial Standard Lift


Heavy-Duty Commercial Trolley Operator

Cycles: 25 cycles/hour, 80 cycles/day
Ideal for: Industrial Standard Lift



• Motor:
60Hz high starting torque, continuous-duty, single phase capacitor start or 3 phase motor, open drip proof, protected against overload. Also available with 50Hz motor 220V 1 phase and 380V 3 phase motor, consult inside sales. 

• Reduction:
First step in reduction 5L/B V-belt drive, additional step by #41 chain and sprockets. Input shaft is 5/8", supported by precision ball bearings. Output shaft is 1", supported by ball bearings. Output shaft speed: 120 rpm for a door travel of 12"/s. 

• Drive and Trolley Assembly:
#48 (410) full roller chain drive on 1/2 HP and #41 full roller chain drive on 3/4, 1 HP. Dual, 12 gauge, pre-drilled galvanized tracks provided for doors up to 12Ft in height standard. Additional track lengths are available (max. door height acceptable for the operator limit system is 30Ft). Track spacers 3/4" steel shaft. Trolley made of cast aluminum alloy with chain tension adjustment device. 

• Clutch:
Friction type, positioned on input shaft, easily adjustable from outside. 

• Brake:
Electrically activated drum-band type solenoid brake. (For OTBH only.) 

• Manual Operation:
Quick release disconnect arm for manual push-up operation.

• Electrical Enclosure:
All electrical components are in a Nema 1 enclosure. Hinged electrical enclosure cover.

• Limit System:
Rotary-type oil-impregnated steel cams, commercial grade switches. Limit shaft is supported by self-lubricating bronze bushings for increased precision. Remains in time when there is a manual operation or after the motor has been removed. 


• Accu-cam® Feature:
Precise and quick one-handed adjustment of the limits.

• Corrosion Protection:
Frame and control enclosure protected by baked on, long lasting enamel finish. All shafts protected by yellow chromate coating. 

• Mounting (Low Headroom Design):
Ceiling-mounted with only 6.25" headroom clearance required below the tracks.


• ECB Units (BOARD 070):
24VDC relaying circuit with a 40VA class II transformer, non-volatile memory. Features available: 1.5s delay on reverse, programmable maximum run timer, mid-stop, timer to close (suspension possible from floor level), independent input loop terminal, advance close system, test buttons, reverse wiring detection and door lock sensor. Operating mode selectable on site: C2, B2, D1, E2, T or TS. 

• Contactor Units:
24VAC control circuit, 40VA class II transformer, fuse protected on output, heavy-duty across-the-line linear reversing contactor with mechanical interlock. .


• Control Accessories:
Angled terminal strip allows for the connection of 3-button stations (one supplied with the operator), non-monitored sensing edges, non-monitored photo cells, one push-button radio control(external strip), ceiling pull switches, key switches, loop detectors, external interlocks, plug-in radio card and universal auxiliary output module. 2A fuse protected 24VAC output is available for accessory power supply. NEMA 4/12 or NEMA 4X protected monitored photo cells upgrade available. 

• Environmental Modifications:
NEMA 4/12 and NEMA 4X enclosures. For NEMA 7/9, consult inside sales.

• Mechanical Modifications:
Dual trolley drive, trolley hoist, double v-belt, cast iron flanged pillow block bearings on input/output shafts, very heavy-duty front idler, minidepth, etc...consult inside sales.

Horse Power
230V - 1 PH
208/230V - 3PH
460V -3PH
575V - 3PH 
Shop Drawing
Back room: door height + 4’ 5’’ (1350 mm)
Head room for tracks: 4’’ (102 mm)

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